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This year I attended my first PAX event! I went on the third day (Sunday 9/10), apparently it was slightly less crowded than the Saturday. It still got fairly crowded though so I didn’t spend a huge amount of time there.

Ready to go!

As soon as I entered I headed towards the paint and take tables. I wanted to get there before the crowd closed in. Everything was nicely set up ready to go. Lots of table space and chairs for people of any skill level to sit back and paint their free miniature.

Everything you needed was provided for you such as paints, water, and brushes. The environment was friendly and relaxed with more experienced painters happy to assist the new ones. They even had place mats which gave a brief description on the steps to take while painting i.e. Base, shading, highlight, details.

I chose a cute little wraith, who’s been named Murphy by my brother for some reason. It’s been a while since I’ve painted mini figures so I was a little out of practice. Fortunately the informative placemats helped me remember the process.

I think he turned out quite well considering I’ve been out of practice. I did skip out some detail as I didn’t want to linger too long while others still waited for their turn. I carefully wrapped him in some tissue and took him home. Murphy is a happy little wraith now!

I was on my way out when The ROG Store, which had some Neon Genesis Evangelion (EVA-01) themed PC’s set up, had caught my eye. I couldn’t help but stop and admire them.

The CPU cooling unit even had a little EVA-01 screen on it which alerts you to temperature changes. They even had a matching mouse, keyboard, monitor, and headphones! What’s even better is that they had the Evangelion themed gaming monitor up for sale!

Unfortunately I’m not currently looking for a new monitor but this would have definitely been my next choice. I’m unsure if the other products had been for sale during the previous two days, but it wouldn’t have been long for them to sell out if they had been. I have always been a fan of this brand but combining gaming computers and anime has left me never wanting to stray from them.

Despite staying for a short amount of time I’m still quite happy with how things went. I got to paint my wraith Murphy, saw some unreal cosplayers, and had a glance at what’s new. I will be back next year with some more content and a lot more exciting experiences. Stay tuned!

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