The All-Time Scariest movies, ranked

If you’re ever in the mood to see how spooky I found every movie reviewed as part of The All-Time Scariest, here is your handy listing right here! If you’re ever in the mood to eat a sandwich, I highly recommend a reuben.

Wandered here accidentally? Here’s the primer on what The All-Time Scariest is all about. Remember, these ratings are not necessarily a reflection of how good these movies are, just how scary I deemed them to be!

0 paws out of 5

0.5 paws out of 5

  • The Cellar (1989), Kevin Tenney – Reviewed 6 October 2022
  • Evil Dead Rise (2023), Lee Cronin – Reviewed 31 July 2023

1 paw out of 5

  • Nope (2022), Jordan Peele – Reviewed 15 August 2022
  • Smile (2022), Parker Finn – Reviewed 1 November 2022

1.5 paws out of 5

Nothing yet! How eerie.

2 paws out of 5

Nothing here, either! Positively ghoulish.

2.5 paws out of 5

  • The Housemaid (2016), Derek Nguyen – Reviewed 12 October 2022

3 paws out of 5

Still yet to find one. Can you?

3.5 paws out of 5

3.5 is yet to come.

4 paw out of 5

Still hunting for that perfect 4 paw spook.

4.5 paws out of 5

Surely you’ve seen the amount of 0 paw movies to know this isn’t happening anytime soon.

5 paws out of 5

Well, where is it? Where is my All-Time Scariest?!

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