What is EZIYODA?


  • An entertainment website that focuses on long-form opinion pieces and prose. If it’s weird and fun, it’s probably got a place here.
  • My cat (pictured, left).
  • An Australian basketball player, and the namesake for the aforementioned cat. This website is in no way associated with her, but my cat and I are big fans!


Deemed only a ‘small risk’ on Scam Adviser, with a Trustscore of 62 out of 100. (July 2022)


“Needs more smut.” – David Fagan, fan of the site and of smut.

“A bold venture that truly paid dividends, and I’d daresay the best new website we’ve seen in years.” – Otny Gocinck, an anagram of my name.

Fanart of Lafayette, Ezi and Sami by Simone Fernandes, age unknown