Write for EZIYODA!

The floodgates are open, baby! We are currently accepting pitches for new articles on EZIYODA.

This is your chance to write for the website that your parents warned you they’ve never heard of. All you’ve got to do is fill out the contact form with your dream piece.

Before you go clicking that link though, make sure you know the basics of what we’re looking for…

What should I pitch to EZIYODA?

EZIYODA is all about long-form opinion pieces, on pretty much any subject you’re interested in. Our focus has been on gaming, entertainment, pop culture, literature and anime, but that doesn’t mean a piece of political satire or a listicle on the top ten cleaning products for aspiring body disposal specialists won’t at least get a look-in.

We are not a news outlet, and we never will be. If you want to talk about the latest happenings, be ready with a personal opinion!

At present, compensation for each article is $50 USD, to be paid through PayPal. Though we hope to increase that rate down the track, this is a passion project that is operating at a loss.

The sweet spot for articles is approximately 1,000 words, though if it’s anticipated to be more or less by a significant margin, we can negotiate further. More intensive pieces (deep dives, interviews, etc.) may be subject to a higher rate for its author, on a case-by-case basis.

Due to our limited funds, we will be somewhat selective with what will be approved for publishing. If you get knocked back, we highly encourage you to keep pitching wherever you can. Get your work out there, build up your portfolio!

On that note, pitches should have a prospective title, approximate word length and description of what its focus will be. Make sure to put some thought into this — you’ve got to sell it to us first if we’re going to consider running it.

If you haven’t heard back from us after one week of pitching, feel free to follow up via the contact form. We will do our very best to get back to everyone, regardless of whether or not you were successful.

All pieces will be subject to final approval by our editors, though we aim for a light touch in this process. We want your voice to shine through, you crazy diamond.

All pieces will be payable upon publishing on EZIYODA (payments will be made via PayPal), at which point all rights to these pieces will be exclusive to EZIYODA. In return, you will get a byline for your portfolio and some money in your pocket.

We highly encourage up-and-coming journalists who are looking for an opportunity to pitch with us, or those of you who want to let loose with your opinions.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to try your luck, or if you’ve got any questions, fill out that contact form and we will go from there. We’re just as excited as you are, unless of course you are completely apathetic to the very notion.